A Cash Prize Just To Save

A Cash Prize Just To Save

Yes, a cash prize just to save!

Just to remind you that Riverside Credit Union, together with 15 other Credit Unions, were selected to take part in a government sponsored pilot called ‘PrizeSaver’.

Well, hallelujah after much to-ing and fro-ing, I’m glad to be able to finally announce the launch date of HM Treasury’s ‘PrizeSaver’ account.

The scheme fittingly enough begins this Thursday 17th of October, which is also International Credit Union Day.

Simply put, if you save with Riverside Credit Union you can be entered into a free draw with a main prize of not less than £5,000 each month!

HM Treasury’s full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Hosting Our American Friends

Last month we had some friends over from the USA, Marshall Boutwell and his wife Lee.

Marshall is the CEO of Peach State Credit Union and travelled to Britain as part of ABCUL’s World Council International Partnership which was launched in 2016.

We were pleased to take them to visit one of our members Cllr. Anna Rothery Lord Mayor of Liverpool, who found time in her busy schedule to show them around our magnificent Town Hall.

Speak soon,

Mike Knight