Analogue to Digital

Analogue to Digital

December is here and things ought to have that distinctive Christmas run-up feel.

Unhappily Covid-19 is also here and amongst us, so things look and feel decidedly different. The pandemic has tested us all individually and collectively. At another time, Riverside Credit Union would be gearing up for our busiest and happiest time of the year. Staff would be getting ready to meet and greet members at the counter and talk to you personally about your Credit Union account. Alas, Covid-19 has forced a change in practically everything we do and indeed, how we get things done.

On a positive note, several vaccines are in the offing and final stage of development, and the pandemic may well be over in early spring. So we seem to be out of the middle of the forest. However, let us all just keep in mind that people have lost loved ones, and remember it was the nurses, doctors, truck drivers, grocery workers and a myriad of other “essential workers” who actually saved us and are keeping us safe. To them, we all owe more than words can say.

I personally would like to thank our staff and management here who have made donations to other “grassroots” groups who make a big difference, with a little bit of money. It’s fantastic to work with a group of people who genuinely care about the welfare of others and are actually prepared to do something about it.

As an organisation, and in response to Covid-19, we have seemingly travelled in a straight line and changed overnight from a paper-based, member-facing organisation into an online digital financial service provider. (Analogue to Digital). Staff have been continuingly stress testing and modifying new systems and beavering away in the background. We have acquired a new bespoke Credit Union App. Our team have also produced a helpful tutorial video for members unfamiliar with online application processes.

As you might have already seen, we have used the lockdown productively by continuously enhancing our online offering. We’ve signed up the to the “Open Banking Platform”, and in conjunction with a “virtual card” payment service, we can now take and advance payments electronically. The new “e-signature application form” embedded in the App makes things easier for loan applications. These changes have been our response to ensure you have access to a safe savings and loan facility.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have issued over 2,500 “Family loans” totalling £2.5 million – all done online, so the new system works. And we are all geared up for the Christmas loan period.

In line with government advice to work from home or remotely, our counter service will remain closed in the interim. Your health and safety, along with that of our team, is paramount. We are of course still working and available to chat on the phone between 9 am -12 noon each weekday. We will be providing back-office duties and processing your requests at other times.

To make sure you are informed about these and other developments, we regularly update our social media news feeds (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). So don’t forget to check in with us in cyberspace.

When Covid-19 is behind us, as it surely will be, we want to be remembered as an organisation that members could rely on, here for you when you needed us.

We know you could have chosen any financial institution, but you chose us, and we appreciate that.


Mike Knight