Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming!

Some good news to report.

Twelve months ago, we “took on” a young apprentice named Bethany. The overall aim was to give a local young person some work experience; on the job training, support and a personal boost. The idea was just to do our bit locally for a young person who wanted to have ago. Well as things have turned out, Beth exceeded all our expectations and made herself indispensable so much so we have offered her a full time job so congratulations to our newest team member.

You might know that the credit union loan book has a couple of big peaks in the year, notably summer holidays and Christmas.

White card Christmas tree on red background

Most members have now had their summer holiday loan and have had, or are about to depart on, their jollies. Personally this summer is flying by for me, the weather has been a bit hit and miss at the ‘van’. The highlight, was an early morning rescue of a fledgling tawny owl by river Elwy from a group of crows: who were trying to kill it. Bert, for once, came in handy scattering the crows in all directions, while I gathered up the injured owl. (It’s in an owl sanctuary in Denbighshire now and doing well).

Another high point this summer was being invited to spend four days in Albufeira, on my nephew’s “stag do”, he is a professional footballer (hedonistic shall we say). I was by far the oldest in the group but they were a “sound posse” and made allowance for the old get! Mrs Knight went to Benidorm for a few days with the girls at the same time. Neither of us have ever been there before, indeed the family joke is that Benidorm is like “Bootle with a beach”. Well, Mrs Knight reports that Old Town Benidorm was nothing like her expectations and we shouldn’t have been so judgmental. So I expect we will be going there next summer!

So as I write the last of the summer loans are being issued, there’s one little rush to come for new “school uniforms” and then it’s all hands to the pump for Christmas planning; we have to get things ready now to make sure everything’s in place for the inevitable rush.

It’s my experience in the credit union that there are generally two types of members, some who want to throw their arms around you simply because Christmas is coming and they can make plans, and there are other members who want to strangle you simply because you have reminded them that Christmas is coming and they have got to make plans!

So whatever gang you’re in, you still need to know that this year’s cut-off date for Christmas loan applications is the last Friday in October (the 28th).

You can check your account on-line at any time and make any necessary adjustments to your plans as soon as you register your details. We also plan to send a text reminder so if you are reading this, remember to make sure we have your new mobile number if you have recently changed it.