Congratulations, Recommend A Friend & Recruitment!

Congratulations, Recommend A Friend & Recruitment!

I’m going to begin the post by offering my congratulations to Shannon one of our younger members of staff.

A very bright young woman – one of those people you meet, every now and again, who have a keen eye for a figure in a column. Well I’m pleased to say she’s decided to take the leap and signed up for a college course to get her knowledge certified.

Shannon will be taking up a spot on the AAT “Accounting level 2” course, on a day release for the next two years. We’ll be offering her every encouragement plus our support and best wishes during her studies.

Recommend A Friend

We are introducing a “recommend a friend” bonus scheme to all current members. Throughout August 2019 simply, propose a friend and we will deposit £5.00 into your account as soon as they have signed up.

We are also adding an additional incentive! The next 30 new members who save with us for twelve consecutive weeks will receive a £25.00 bonus just for saving with us. (We’re 30 years old, if you hadn’t noticed!)

Training and Work Opportunity at Riverside Credit Union

Riverside Credit Union is a growing organisation and we are seriously thinking about investing in a new team member.

But posting a typical job ad won’t necessarily attract the person we’re looking for. We’d like to hear from someone who wants a job in a compassionate organisation; somebody who wants a career based on what they’ll be learning, doing and eventually becoming.

For us, it’s not just the job that’s important, it’s the opportunity to help someone grow and develop. The focus will be on the future, not the past. So current skills and experiences don’t mean everything to us.

Our thinking is that virtually everyone is open to a situation that’s plainly superior to their current one. We think the grass is greener in Riverside Credit Union.

So, if you or anyone you know might be interested, the dry stuff is here. And rather than just forwarding a generic copy of your CV, we want to try and see your full potential in your own words. A quality CV makes the selection process a whole lot easier for everyone.

Prize-Linked Savings Pilot

Well, I am still awaiting the final details from HM Treasury regarding the “Prize-Linked Savings Pilot” I wrote about recently. (Everyone in that department seems busy at the minute – something about Europe I’m told?).

“We will be trialing the pilot very shortly” was the last message I received. The scheme is being backed and supported by the government. It will allow Riverside Credit Union to offer participating members the chance of a cash prize just to save.

The full details have yet to be formalised, but the 15 Credit Unions selected for the 2-year pilot will test out the concept of boosting awareness and membership of credit unions. The end goal being to help increase members’ financial resilience. We have submitted some of our ideas to help shape the final product.

A chance of winning a prize every time you save with Riverside Credit Union seems like a good incentive to us, even if you put away just small amounts each week.

Or put another way, it might be better than buying a lottery ticket, because you can’t lose!

The aim was to begin the pilot sometime in September so, watch this space and I’ll keep you informed about the actual start date.

Speak soon,

Mike Knight