COVID-19. A message from Riverside Credit Union

COVID-19. A message from Riverside Credit Union

17/03/20 Update

I would like to update you about the steps taken so far by Riverside Credit Union to ensure continuation of services. We are getting told daily now that the coronavirus (COVID – 19) outbreak is worsening. I know some members are reliant on the transactional service we provide via; bank transfers, standing orders and card payments. Our “business continuity and resilience plan” ensuring service delivery has now been put into place and the above facilities will be unaffected (and can even be processed off-site if the need arises).

So, the electronic processing aspect of our work is covered, and you can still access your account on-line, by email or the new app 24/7.

For most members, it will be business as usual and you will see no change, however as of yesterday evening, the Government’s official position changed, and they are now recommending that everyone should minimise their social/work contact (working from home if possible).

We will now be asking members who use cash payments as a way of managing their accounts, to make use of the on-line facilities, standing orders, bank transfer or card payments by phone. The counter service will be reduced and only available in the Speke branch (9.00 till 12 Monday to Friday). Staff will be able to help those members access the on-line services.

As a responsible employer the health and safety of our employees as well as the members is our main priority.

We are closing the new Garston branch and mothballing it as a backup should the infection develop in the Speke branch. Staff will work remotely or from home if and when the need arises to ensure an uninterrupted service.

These are truly extraordinary times and, as imaginative as we were, when we drew up our business continuity plans, we did not envisage a global pandemic.

We are closely monitoring all developments and following the guidance of Public Health England to ensure that we can limit the impact of the virus and we will need the members help to ensure delivery of the service.

We will all be active and available to answer your queries between 9am-12 noon Monday to Friday, however we are requesting that you submit your queries to us by email at which point you will receive a reply from us between the usual business hours.

What to Expect

It’s business as usual!

For the majority of members, we have prepared well for this type of event, although not in the form of a pandemic – we will continue the services and ensure maximum availability.


We are committed to providing our service.

  • Our hours of service have been altered slightly 9.00 till 12.00 Mon- Fri
  • We have staff who can work from home and off site, so we are used to collaborating as a team when in different locations
  • Our online service is available 24/7 for statements and balances
  • The new app is available for requests and transactions and loan applications

Your Credit Union Team

As an organisation we are driven by our members needs, we want you to be assured that our staff remain available to help you. Our staff and the board of directors are dedicated to averting the worse this challenging event can throw at us. We’re making decisions, like you, in real time. As the number of COVID-19 cases begin to rise in a most frightening way we are doing our bit by eliminating non-critical travel and monitoring the guidance from local and global authorities to keep every one of our members and staff safe.

Please reach out to us if you feel there is anything we can do. We are all in this together as a community.

Hoping you and your family are safe.

Mike Knight
CEO, Riverside Credit Union