New Year’s Resolutions and United Utilities!

New Year’s Resolutions and United Utilities!

I’m salvaging my New Year’s Resolutions. This time on the right foot! I’m making this one vow for 2017 because we all know that a January resolution to save a little each week, abandoned by February, won’t make us financially secure.Yes, New Year might be six weeks old but I’ve increased my standing order. Hey, it’s done and I’m going to stick to it. The main thing last year taught me was, that making predictions based on best guesses can: shall we say take you by surprise. 2016 was a year packed full of surprises and some of them were game changers! I know it is sometimes customary to offer resolutions or predictions for the year ahead, but if last year taught me anything, it’s this: I’m not “Mystic Meg”.

So, I will be offering you no divines, instead I’ll wish you a healthy and prosperous 2017. Having indicated that I can’t give you many rousing
pointers to the future or help you lose weight, tell where the best holiday destination is, help you stay fit, quit smoking, sort out the Brexit conundrum or offer any useful insights into President Trumps many tweets. I can tell you this; Easter eggsbathtub-890227_1920 Pixabay 200217are on sale in Asda honest (I bet that’s cheered you up!).

Consider this, though, as bad as these winter pessimisms seem right now putting a small amount away each week, can help. Riverside Credit Union provide all members with a safe savings facility that might help with those out-of-the-blue events that will inevitably come our way.

As you know at Riverside Credit Union, we’re always on the lookout to make sure you get the right support if you’re struggling with your household bills. That’s why we’re working with United Utilities to make you aware of the support they have available if you’re having problems with your water bill payments.

We’ve included details below on some of the ways they can help, but the message is simple – call their team on 0800 072 6765. You’ll receive a friendly ear from the team who are specially trained to handle sensitive issues.

Their debt support schemes include:

Back on track – if you owe money on your water bills and receive benefits, they can provide an affordable bill based on your current income·

Help to pay – if you receive Pension Credit, they can cap your annual water bill at a set amount each year.

Payment matching – if you’ve built up a lot of debt, for every £1 you pay off your debt they will match this with another £1, helping you to clear your debt twice as quickly.

Restart grant – if you’re in real financial difficulty, you may qualify for a one-off payment from their Trust Fund to help clear your debts.

Pay direct from your benefits – they can apply to the Department for Work and Pensions to pay your water bills direct from your benefits.

Please call United Utilities even if you think these schemes aren’t suitable as they may have other ways they can help depending on your personal circumstances. The number to call is 0800 072 6765.

So, on that note here’s wishing you a; belated; happy, healthy, successful and prosperous New Year. From all the staff and directors at Riverside Credit Union.


Blog by Mike Knight