Online Text Balances

Online Text Balances

Well the first phase of the new site is up and running and I’m on my second blog! I hope you like the site and use it.

Remember it’s yours for your credit union needs. We’ve placed a heavy emphasis on the on-line access, plus the text messaging service to make your account more accessible.  “Remember… you’re unique… just like everybody else.”

Although, I know, it sounds funny to say it that way, but thank heavens for our diversity!  For as much as we all have in common, our lives are more interesting because we’re not all the same. We’re interested in different things, we like different music, we’re attracted to different kinds of experiences and you will each have different requirements from your credit union. So accordingly, your savings and loan requirements from your credit union really are unique to you!

As we’ve gained new members, we’ve tried to listen and improve the service. We know from member feedback that it can be frustrating when you phone the branch for a balance enquiry and are unable to get through.

We have been trying to address this problem for ages. By way of explaining things from the branch end, on certain days we can receive upwards of 1000 calls, essentially enquiring about balances. We are a small team so you might be able to understand it is near impossible to answer all those enquiries promptly.

So we’ve listened to your feedback and introduced secure on-line access on our new website. You can now log in online to get your balance and you can text RCU to 80011. We won’t stop here, we plan to develop and alter the site in line with your needs, so keep a look out for the next enhancements…

“Tweet of the day”

As I inferred in my first blog, I will be setting up a twitter account. If I’m truthful, I have already got myself an account (Nell, my granddaughter set me up). I’ve been furtively viewing the micro messages of others for the last couple of days (stalking in other words).


Having looked, I don’t think I’ll ever be an ardent user. There seems to be a lot of people out there, just waiting to be upset! I’ll give it a go in a week or two, when I know a bit more about it.

Talking about tweets, your early morning “off-line life”, is perhaps the best time to receive a proper tweet (especially this time of year, spring). I’ll let you into a little secret, you can stay on line and go to and you won’t even have to get up early!

Mike Knight