Riverside Credit Union Gains Fairbanking Mark

Riverside Credit Union Gains Fairbanking Mark

I want to start off by saying a great big “thank you”.

To you, our members.

Let me explain, now you know we’re always striving to ensure we are acting as an ethical financial alternative in our community, that’s why we were established. Well, recently we took a leap of faith by signing up for a “The Fairbanking Accreditation“.

“The Fairbanking Mark” is the only evaluation in the UK that is UKAS certified. Now while we genuinely didn’t know what the results would be, we had some hopes about the outcome. But it’s actually a little unnerving inviting an outside body to seek out the opinion of your customers. Every organisation likes to believe they’re doing a first-class job.

Some context: “The Fairbanking Accreditation” provides robust objective evidence about what actual customers think about the service and products of any given financial institution like banks and building societies.

To that end, independent researchers (Ipsos MORI) were commissioned to contact and interview our members dispassionately on a range of opinions regarding the service and how we perform as an organisation.

Well the results are in and we have been awarded a 5-star accreditation.

If we were a restaurant, it would be like getting 5 Michelin stars all in one go!

So, thank you all those members who took part in the survey. I don’t know who was selected for the reviews, but I’m pleased you took the time and effort to respond.

It’s just pleasing to know that our members actually value the guiding principles of providing an ethical financial service for our community.

But wait, that’s not all, there’s more good news!

Riverside Credit Union are proud to announce that we have recently been accredited as a “Real Living Wage” employer.

Now you might think that’s not very big news, but actually, it is.

In the UK at the moment over 5 million workers are in low paid, insecure work.

We don’t think that’s right or fair, so as an employer we are pleased to make it known that Riverside Credit Union are a Real Living Wage employer and we are going to proudly display the plaque in our office so that everyone knows were committed to paying our staff the Real Living Wage.

We need more businesses to realise that offering the Real Living Wage is a great way to provide your workforce with security, and actually helps your business in the long run.


Okay, now I’m on a roll – they say it comes in 3’s…

Now imagine if you will, a good chance of winning a prize every time you saved with Riverside Credit Union. Just picture saving up as a fun and exciting thing, even if you put away just small amounts each week.

Well that’s what’s coming soon to Riverside Credit Union! We have been selected by HM Treasury to pilot a new savings scheme.

The scheme is being backed and supported by HM Treasury and it will allow Riverside Credit Union to offer participating members the chance of a cash prize just to save. The full details have yet to be formalised, but the 15 Credit Unions selected for the two-year pilot will be expected to test out the concept of boosting awareness and membership of credit unions with the end goal of helping people increase their financial resilience.

So, watch this space we aim to post the full details when we get them to hand.

Speak soon,

Mike Knight