Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung!

Well spring has sprung – the daffodils have sadly gone, but the blue bells, wild garlic and the forget-me- nots are frantically getting in the way of any break in proceedings to the natural marvel.

All along the river Elwy (yes, I’ve been walking my little socks off with Bert at the van) nature is exploding with new life.

I’m just so pleased I paid the site fees with my Credit Union Loan. My grown-up children are even giving me their contribution, all of which is deposited back in to the Credit Union!

Nearer home Mia and Jimmy took charge of peas, onions, potatoes, carrots and leeks in the garden. A winter spent ensuring the bird-feeders were well supplied has 100517-Riverside-Credit-Union-Spring-Blog-kids-gardeningalso paid huge dividends for their avian friends. I don’t know about you, but spring has always been my favourite season. For me, it’s kind of cathartic: a time of evaluation and possibilities.

Talking about possibilities, we are about to put the new illuminated sign on the building. It’s quite a big sign and there’s a chance you could see it from space!  Perhaps not, but it’s a big deal for us.

I have written to Sir Paul McCartney (a Speke lad) to officially turn it on for us, seems it’s a big deal for him because he hasn’t got back to me yet – probably busy singing somewhere… Anyway, I’ll get some salmon spread and a couple of sausage rolls for the big switch on buffet.

Later this month, members will be able to complete the loan application process on-line via our web site. This will speed up application and enable members to access another service remotely.  Bringing all the various aspects of this new feature has been quite demanding, however, it’s done and being tested it will be up and running for members very shortly.

I keep saying we are going to embed Facebook into the website. Well the truth, it’s me dragging my feet on this one, I’m “old school” I’ve never had a Facebook life and in truth don’t want one. “People before pixels” is my mantra. I’m conscious that some people like pictures of cats and photos of other people’s dinners, I’m just not in that gang.

With that in mind I have asked Beth and Shannon to take the reins on this new feature of Riverside Credit Unions on-line presence. They are both young, seem au fait with this medium and assure me that there will be some great posts about our services going on our page. They also give me the impression that they like cats!

So, make sure you look out for the Riverside Credit Union Facebook page.