The story goes on – Homeland Comforts

The story goes on – Homeland Comforts

Our story starts 28 years ago (1989) when we registered, as then, Speke Credit Union with the Registry of Friendly Societies.

A lot has changed since and the storyline gets added too as we wander in our time. OK it’s not a magnum opus – just a characteristic tale of ordinary people’s endeavours. Pitted against us is a century of corporate financial dominance, in the high interest lending market! But hey, human history shows that ordinary people do extraordinary things all the time. In and of itself, attempting to find a solution to predatory lending might seem pretty dull but nothing could be further from the truth.

During the past 28 years we have quietly but diligently helped thousands of individuals and families steer a path to a safe savings facility so they can plan their own get out from dependency on high interest lenders – that’s the quietly pleasing part of our story so far.

I guess, when you’re absorbed in something challenging, you miss out on other observations: for me busy as I was, there seemingly wasn’t a lot of summer (the nights are already closing in and the autumn leaves will be shortly falling down around us!).

However, the last couple months haven’t gone to waste, we have been busy working alongside a group of local people, who have set up a new not for profit “Community Interest Company” (CIC). It’s called Homeland Comforts, providing access to essential electrical white goods; fridges freezers, cookers and – this is the important bit – without high interest rental agreements or dodgy hidden charges.

This locally led challenge to the high interest rental market could help members for many summers to come.

So the next time you need to purchase any electrical goods it might be worth considering Homeland based in St Johns Market, instead of the high interest rental option.

Homeland Comforts brochure

Apart from our work with Homeland, these summer months have seen other developments to your credit union. You might have noticed the new sign (Paul McCartney never showed up for the switch on!), we have had the building painted, installed a new telephone system and made some improvements to the website. Additionally, both Facebook and a Twitter feed have been put in place for all the very latest news from your staff team at Riverside. We had hoped to have the online loan application ready by now, however this feature won’t be on the site till mid-October (in time for Christmas loans).

On that note please remember the cut-off date for Christmas loan applications is Friday the 27th of October.