The Van and the Credit Union Loan!

The Van and the Credit Union Loan!

Angela and Mark, my children, always tell me they will give me a weekly contribution towards the site fees for the family caravan, The Van. We have had it for over 17 years and every year is the same – I get, their offerings very weakly indeed!

Over the years, I’ve learnt that it’s best to just pay the fees myself, it prevents all the messing around. So each January, I get my Credit Union Loan and pay the site fees directly. The predictable ding-dong with the kids continues, but at least the fees are paid for the year.

Well it’s June and the weather is great. The Van’s a big part of my “off line” life and keeps me busy throughout the year.


I get told off in the winter months when I insist “there’s no bad weather only bad clothes” and everyone should use The Van more often. (I only say it because I know it gets them all mad).

Anyway, when I am not in The Van or in work, I’m generally walking my dog: a Patterdale Terrier called Bert – try to imagine a Lakeland, Airedale or Parsons Terrier, a small dog with a very big attitude (more about Bert in blog all of his own).

Back to The Van in St. Asaph, North Wales: All the family use it and it retains lots of happy memories for us all. The two latest additions to the family Mia, aged 3, and Jimmy (Jimbo), aged 2, use it more and more and are getting the benefit of lots of fresh air in a safe environment. The cathedral city of St. Asaph itself, is small but has a big reputation (bit like Bert) the area is extraordinarily beautiful, I love early morning walks with Bert along the river Elwy and of course, the Clwydian Range.

Anyhow, Charlie, Nell, Mia and little Jimbo (grandkids) have the best of both worlds in my book, when they are at The Van. The granddad in me is (only really) happy when they are running around in the fields or with me on one of “Granddad’s adventure walks”. In truth none of them have been brought up as “tablet toddlers” but even little Jimbo knows you can get Peppa Pig or Mike the Knight on the tablet.

Hey, the way I look at it: we are just stewards of the future. It’s going to be their world sooner rather than later, so as long as they know how to access the digital world and don’t become too “technodazzled” it’s OK by me. I suppose I am trying to instil in them an appreciation for the natural environment.

In the meantime, I’ll be repaying my Credit Union Loan and putting a little aside for next year’s site fees – whilst dropping none too subtle hints to Angela and Mark about their contribution…

Mike Knight