People before Pixels

People before Pixels

I have been asked to produce a company diary with personal views about my day to day interests and observations (a “Blog”).

Some background; I work for Riverside Credit Union in Speke, Liverpool. Together we are producing a new website and plan to engage with our members in ways that are more convenient for them and hopefully enhance our people orientated approach, we certainly don’t want to lose the personal relationships we have built up over the past quarter of a century in our membership based, financial co-operative.

More background: let me be clear, I have reached 60 years of age and have practically no “on line” life, I’ve never done; Facebook, Friends Re-united, LinkedIn, Podcasts, Instagram, Snapchat or any other ‘Social Meeeedia’. Thus far, I have happily got away with it, letting it all pass me by in the ether.

Don’t be mistaken, I’m more than content with my “off line” life. I have no “followers” and don’t feel left out so you don’t have to trail me. However, if the only constant in our lives is change, then, here I am on line, seemingly like everyone else.

My “blog” is intended to be my fortnightly musings written in an informal and conversational style. At the outset though, I plan to put some discipline into this, chiefly because I don’t want turn into a pixel addict, you’ve seen them: come on you must have. Ever been in a pub, restaurant or train and seen apparently everyone with their faces lit up by a little silver screen, or the other ones eyeing, spellbound the dark screen, awaiting the next pixel delivery from the phone/tablet they hang on to – you might even be addicted!

For me I have so far been unhampered by social media. In truth my antipathy towards social media was such that I was going to start a movement called “People before Pixels” but I realised I’d have to do it online, which might have defeated the object of the exercise!   

An older businessman using a vintage telephone

Ok, I might not be the best or most tech savvy, person in the world and you may detect over time, that I have an old school aversion to the little “silver screens” everyone seems obsessed with. Be warned, my dive into this new (to me) social media malarkey also involves a “Twitter account” so I’ll be tweeting as well. I have been set up with a “Twitter account” by my granddaughter Nell; she is twelve so something of an expert in these matters. I’ll make this promise at the start, I will never post a picture of my dinner! I’ll try and relate it to people and my work in Riverside Credit Union and keep the pixel content informative and as low as necessary.

So dear reader welcome to my first blog…

Mike Knight